Caregiver for Seniors in Vancouver area.

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No Home Is Like Your Own Home PDF Print E-mail
  • Do you want to be independent and live at home?
  • Need someone to live-in for emergency situation?
  • Want quality home care that suits your budget?
If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above, then we can help you stay in your own home. Call Us at 604-298-6633.

PARAGON HOME CARE provides assisted care for seniors in their own home setting. This can only be achieved through the support and the companionship of highly qualified and trained caregivers.

We also provide home care assistance to people recuperating from injury or long illness or after discharge from hospital. Our services can be provided anywhere you need them: your own home, the hospital, rehabilitation center, nursing home, etc… 

Call us and we will discuss your specific needs and suggest the best solution for your loved one.


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